Wilhelm Wundt

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Please create a powerpoint On the Psychologist Wilhelm Wundt. Here are the instructions. 

The presentation is worth 100 points, which is equivalent to one exam, so please put forth significant effort. 

  • 10-slide minimum – not including introduction, overview, summary, and reference pages 
  • Use of 3 professional sources beyond the textbook
  • Reference slide in APA format
  • Include what you would say while giving the presentation in the ‘comments’ section. Alternatively, you can create a separate Word document outlining what you would say on each slide. *Contact professor if you have any questions about this requirement.
  • Review the history of the topic, and if applicable, the current state of the topic
  • Discuss key theories or theorists related to the topic
  • Note any cultural influences or impact on the topic
  • Discuss why this topic is important to the field of psychology and the contributions it made
  • Provide your own perspective on the topic
  • Use Third Person Voice – no use of “I”,”We”,”Us”, etc.

grade will be based on the following

  • APA formatting in reference slide and
    in-text citations in the comments section
  • Inclusion of minimum required references
    beyond the textbook (you are welcome to also use the textbook as a source)
    that are professional and/or peer reviewed
  • Presentation establishes a clear topic
    and addresses all required elements noted in the syllabus
  • Content is specific, appropriate, and
  • Organization of presentation and logic
    of transitions
  • Spelling and formatting

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