The Art of the Critique: In Practice

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For this weekly assignment, you will be using what you learned about how to critique a photograph and applying it to two images in this prompt.

For continuity, each image has a similar subject matter and their intentioned usage is similar. The visual impact of the images is different and therefore, one image (the top image) has a greater visual impact.

Image 1 is a superior example of a photograph while image 2, while not a terrible photograph, is lacking in some respects. You will investigate the reasons in your reflection and compare and contrast the two images.


  • Submit your own critique (about 250-300 words) of the two following images.
  • Address the major aspects of each image in critique form (i.e. subject, form, content–see, feel, think
    • Use the technique covered in the lecture and knowledge gained from this week’s demonstration about contrast
    • Address why image 1 is more impactful than image 2 both emotionally and visually?
      • Make sure to address specifics of why image is better than the other?
    • Write your critique and comparison of each image in paragraph form using information gleaned from the lecture

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