Module7. Assignment. Indian Removal Act 1830. Essay/Reflection

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In this activity, you will consider this module weeks readings, and resources, as well as conduct research to help you formulate your own definition of the “Indian Removal Act 1830” and why the study of this event is important in American life today.

First, find a definition of “Indian  Removal Act 1830”  You may use the HCC library or you may conduct an Internet search. You are required to utilize MLA formatting guidelines throughout this assignment.

Answer the following questions based on your textbook readings AND at least TWO ADDITIONAL SOURCES.

– Your observations should be typed, double spaced with correct spelling and proper sentence structure, and approximately two-to-six pages in length (500-800 words).

-Your research must be reflected within the body of the paper via appropriate citations.

-You must use footnotes or endnotes for this page (MLA).

-A bibliography of ALL the sources you consulted, including the textbook, should be included as part of the assignment, at the end of the reflective essay.
– Based on your research,  answer the questions posed below, making sure to take a clear position on the final two question components. 
What was the purpose of the Indian Removal Act of 1830?

What was the rationale given in 1830 for this Act?

What were the short and long-term results of this Act? Was the Indian Removal Act justified? Why or Why not?

Given the impact of the Indian Removal Act on Native Americans are reparations (definition: compensation for loss suffered or wrong-doing, the injustice was done) appropriate today for the descendants of those displaced native peoples? Why or why not? 

Finally, using relevant material from your coursework readings, explain why the study of”Indian Removal Act 1830  is important today.


Save your assignment using a naming convention that includes your first and last name and the activity number (or description). Do not add punctuation or special characters.

2. Read and watch about the Indian Removal Act 1830.

Indian Removal Act of 1830.



3.EXTRA Resources:


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