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This article is the only source you use.
Introductory paragraph: Interesting hook, thesis statement that makes an overall claim about the success of the text,
as well as
the strategies you will be discussing in the paper
Body Paragraphs:
1. Ethos- Discuss the credibility of the author(s) and/or publisher. What do we know about those who created or published
the text? What credibility information is revealed in the text or available outside of it? Does what we know about the
author, or what we are told, qualify them to discuss the topic? Does the author seem trustworthy, or do
questionable motives damage credibility? How does this bear on the text as a whole?
2. Logos- Evaluate the use of logical support for argument position or claims. What position does the text seem to take,
and what proof is provided? Does the proof or reasoning behind the stated or implied arguments seem believable? Are the types of evidence chosen sufficient, or are they lacking? Is the support appropriate for the genre? Objective? Just
anecdotal? How does it support the persuasiveness of the text’s position?
3. Pathos- Does the author generate emotions that work to support his or her argument? How do these emotions help or hurt the argument, overall?
Relevance Paragraph- Relevance to an argument in your field: A paragraph that answers the question, what important argument in your discipline or interest does this text support or contradict? Include one passage and your discussion of the
text’s importance as illustrated by the argument it engages
Brief Conclusion Summary Paragraph

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