HRMD 650 Ben & Jerry Case Study

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The instructions are below and on the attached word document. The actual case study is on the attached

pdf document. The other attached word document is an outline of how the paper should be. 

Your task:

Please read the Ben & Jerrys Case Study:

Using the questions at the end of the case as a guide, solve the casestudy by analyzing what is presented and stating specific actions that wouldbest resolve major issues. Incorporate your answers to the questions in youranalysis, as outlined in the How to Solve a Case Study guidelines. Theseactions must reflect information in the case and the environment facing thefirm.

Your paper should be five to seven pages long,excluding cover and reference pages.  Please follow APA guidelines forcitations, quotations, and references, and use at least five scholarlyresources that are dated within the last five years.  You arestrongly encouraged to use the required and recommended readings in thiscourse, as well as peer-reviewed journal articles found through the UMGClibrary.  Research methodology and problem analysis will be emphasized inthe grading of this assignment.

Please see the attached How to Solve a Case Studyguidelines.

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