Expectancy Violations Theory Journal Entry

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or this journal, I want you to experience Expectancy Violations Theory.  

A. First, summarize the main points of Expectancy Violations Theory. Think of your summary as a description of the theory that you could give to someone that doesnt know anything about this theory or communication theories in general. Do not use quotes from the reading in your summary. You need to describe the theory in your own words by paraphrasing from the text. Make sure you describe the theory as a whole AND discuss the relevant concepts of the theory.


B. Second, I want you to conduct your own experiment related to this theory. I want you to purposely violate a space expectation of someone you know. For this experiment, I do not want you to violate the space expectation of someone you dont know well as we are in a pandemic. You need to safely conduct your experiment and follow all CDC guidelines. For the second part of your journal, you need to connect your experiment to the theory by including the following:

1. Describe your experiment. What did you do to violate someones space expectation? What was their reaction? How did you feel as you were violating the space expectation?

2. Does your experiment support the basic ideas found in Expectancy Violations Theory? Explain why or why not using specific key concepts from the theory to support your answer. This means you should discuss the applicable proxemic zones, threat thresholds AND violation valence as they relate to your experiment.

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