Essay of undocumented immigrants

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Imagine that you are applying for a grant for an innovative project to help undocumented 

Flint water crisis survivors or undocumented parents in sanctuary,

Or undocumented elders get either better health care, or legal advocacy.

 Don’t try to cover everything,target one or two aspects of the problems for one

 specific group of undocumented people that is spotlighted in Chapters 4, 5, or 6 of

The Undocumented Americans. Choose one issue and one undocumented group

 and focus  on one chapter in the last half of the book

Your proposal shouldn’t simply state that undocumented immigrants

 need or deserve help, it should propose how

to help. Make sure that your thesis takes a strong individual

stand that is based on more than emotional appeals, and that it gives reasons for your

claim.Your thesis needs to directly propose your specific solution, and name the

reasons why it will be effective.In the process of proving your thesis and 

arguing for your proposal, your essay should answer at least two of the following

questions: After a careful analysis of stories and details in one of  the chapters, 

which specific health needs or legal obstacles does Cornejo’s work show are the most 

urgent, and why? What laws or educational programs

would you create or expand to address this specific issue and help individuals like the

people Cornejo talks about? What exactly would the solutions look like and how would

do they work? How would you fund them once the grant money runs out? Why are your

solutions the best economically or environmentally?

Make sure you address the

possible questions and objections of those who favor another kind of solution or


such as corporate donors who might think your suggestion is too expensive, or

documented residents who think that your proposal won’t benefit the larger community.

For this topic, you must

use a minimum of three quotes total  from Chapters 4, 5, or 6

of The Undocumented Americans.

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