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Please answer the discussion question below and respond to the two student posts below.


Credible research isan important part of writing academic papers.  Reflect on the researchthat you’ve done for classes up to this point.  For your main post, shareyour experiences with doing academic research.  What process and techniqueshave you found success with?  What types of sources have you found to becredible and why?  What sources are not credible, and why?

Next, think about thetopic you are considering for your argument papers and come up with severaldifferent search terms and phrases for the topic.  Use thesekeywords/phrases to search in the NEU online library databases.  Identifyan article for your topic.  Then, share with us the search terms you usedand tell us about your experience using the online library databases.

Jennah’s post:

Papers written in the academic setting must be written with integrity in mind.  Academic papers that include data to support a topic should only include information from credible sources to support the topic.  A source can be considered credible if it includes data that is proven and factual without ill intention.  If the source is a study for example, the study should be conducted by an impartial team and peer reviewed

In my experience it is important to review the platform that the research was pulled.  If I am using a journal article, for example, I will review the web page to ensure that the platform does not have a hidden agenda.  I generally back out to the home page and assess the content there.  I will also review the about us section to understand the leaders of the page.  Lastly, I will assess the mission and vision if it is available. 

Another tip would be to utilize web pages that are not commercial in nature.  For example, seeking out pages that end in .edu or .org.  These pages have specific requirements that need to be met before drafting.  There are some pages that may not be as reliable.  It is important to review the page to assess if the topic covered is credible and not a promotional piece for a sale. 

I will be discussing minors ability to make medical decisions.  I used the search terms Minor, Medical Choice and found several credible articles.  Specifically, one stood out, Mature Minors, Medical Choice, and the Constitutional Right to Martyrdom written by Josh Burk for the Virginia Law Review.  I found the process to find the article easy but also cumbersome.  I found I had to request articles on multiple platforms and there were delays although not significant.  While this would not hinder my use of this platform it was a bit clunky.  But there is also the confidence in knowing these articles will be from a reliable source. 

Johnathan’s post:

Credible research is an important part of writing academic papers. The paper can only be as reliable as it’s supporting evidence. And when that core information lacks trust or believability, then it’s wouldn’t be worth much of intellectual value. So it is very necessary to gather reference points and established sources especially when used for an argumentative writing. Not using sites such as Wikipedia where anyone can do anything to the articles listed. With online sources it’s better to often use credible research from authors vast amount of experience in the field of study and or websites that are educationally funded. Be that as an organization built around that sort of general knowledge or an academic paper through Google Scholar or Scholar OneSearch.

With upcoming argument papers, the type of different search terms and phrases that are suggested for a certain topic can run through a variety of methods. Easier to search up keywords or highlighted information about an idea from the concept. Bringing up sites closely related to that phrase. Or if that doesn’t work out too well and some particular information doesn’t appear. Then asking a question into a search engine is proven to be effective. 

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