Classroom Observation Report This assignment will satisfy the in person observat

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Classroom Observation Report
This assignment will satisfy the in person observation requirement for this course.
Part 1- Observations
After watching all 7 videos of middle and high school classrooms, you will choose 3 classes to
analyze. You will choose a lower grade (6/7), a middle grade (8/9) and an upper grade (10-12).
For each classroom you will answer the 10 questions listed below.
Part 2- Theoretical Assessment
Choose one of the educational theorists we studied this semester (Piaget, Fraud or Erikson) and
analyze one class from one of their theories. For example, if you chose Piaget you would be
looking for behavior that supports his stage theory. If you chose Erikson you’d be looking for
social interactions between teens that support his ideas.
Reports should be submitted to me by email and uploaded to your Blackboard by Sunday, May
6th grade

7th Grade

8th Grade

9th Grade

10th Grade

11th Grade

12th Grade

Observational Questions
1. What is happening in the class (type of lesson)?
2. What other activities are going on?
3. What are the general expectations of the group at the moment and what is the general
atmosphere of the room (noisy, calm, boisterous or quiet)?
4. What is the teacher’s approach to material and activities? Is the class slow in getting
started or do they plunge right in? How interested are the children in what they are doing?
For questions 5-8 focus on one specific child.
1. How much energy does the child use? Does he/she work at a fairly even pace or does
he/she work in “spurts” of activity? Does he/she use a great deal of energy in
manipulating the materials, in body movements, or in talking?
1. What are the child’s body movements like? Does the child’s body seem tense or relaxed?
Are his movements jerky, uncertain, or poorly coordinated?
1. What does the child say? Does the child talk, sing, hum, or use nonsense words while
he/she works? Does he/she use sentences or single words? How does the child
communicate with others–in words or gestures?
1. How does the child feel about what he/she is doing? Does the child seem happy? Upset?
Satisfied? Does he/she ask for help or seem to need encouragement? Does he/she try new
things on his/her own or wait for coaxing?
For questions 9 and 10 access the teacher.
1. How does the teacher get along with the children? Does he/she call on everyone or with
only certain children?
1. What kinds of changes are there between the beginning and the end of the activity? Do
the children’s mood change as they work? How does the teacher promote a positive
learning environment?

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