Child Abuse (Social Issue Blog)

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CLASS: Personal, Civic, and Global Perspectives (I am unaware of what that falls under, but if it helps, I am currently going for my Business degree, and the class is mainly about social/economic ssues).

Assignment Instructions

For this assignment, you will research the approved social issue chosen in Module 1, now looking at it at the national level.  Based on the evidence taken from the research, you must create the layout for a blog in a Word document (you will not actually be posting the blog on the internet).  A blog is an informal platform used to present an argument that builds on your own perspective. After your blog has been submitted using the appropriate assignment link, post your document (blog) to the discussion thread created by your instructor.

To complete this assignment, you need to include information using credible sources such as journals, books, credible websites, etc.

Share your perspective in an organized, logical manner using an active voice of why you think the issue is important. 

Provide an analysis of the evidence taken from the research, and discuss the impact of the social issue on certain groups at the national level, including: 

  • Introduction:

    • Address the issue from sociological, economic, political science, and ethical perspectives.

    • Include an initial paradox, controversy, or anecdote. Review the What is an Introduction? document for a description on what should be included in an introduction.

    • Briefly describe the social issue and how it impacts certain groups.

    • You may share any emotional reactions to the topic in the introduction before delving into your analysis.

  • Body:

    • Identify a diverse population that is most likely to be affected by the social issue. Explain.

    • Develop at least two recommendations to address the issue affecting the chosen group, including:

      • Discuss how one of your recommendations may impact cultural competence, policy change, funding, advocacy or civic engagement and explain why.

      • Discuss how one of your recommendations may address issues of inequality, equity, or inclusion.

    • Explain how multiple social science perspectives (economics, political science, sociology, ethics) helps us understand the recommendations you proposed (include a discussion of at least two perspectives).

  • Conclusion:

    • Remind the reader about the importance of addressing this social issue and how it impacts certain groups at a national level. 

    • Reinforce your proposed recommendations.

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