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Choose ONE of the following:

1. What were some chief ways in which the Industrial Revolution began to change the role of women in the workplace? Did this have any influence on growing demands for women to gain more of a presence in the political process? Why or why not?

2. The Market Revolution wrought great change in the economic and social fabric of the United States. On the whole, was the Market Revolution a positive experience or would the nation have been better off remaining an agricultural nation based primarily on the “household economy”? Explain.

3. As your textbook describes, tariffs became desirable by U.S. industry by the time the United States entered the Industrial Revolution. What were some pros and cons of tariffs, and why do you think they are still enacted by Congress to this day?

As a reminder, your initial post must be 150 words minimum, and you must write a substantial reply to at least one classmate.  Direct quotations must be used sparingly (and cited), and the use of outside sources (i.e. anything other than your textbook or the “Recommended Resources” is this chapter’s module) is strictly prohibited. 


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