case study

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You are to use the Bitcoin Case Study as your starting point, and do some independent research on what has happened to Bitcoin in the 6 years since the case study was prepared in 2014. As a minimum, you will be expected to have reviewed the below websites; for price information.

       The using the search facility. and read A Cypherpunks Manifesto, the zeitgeist of Bitcoin.

       The Chicago Mercantile Exchange press releases, searched on Bitcoin, and read the news releases it contains


You are then required to express a written opinion on each of the 5 questions below. Each short opinion is worth 4% of your total grade, is to be answered using the template given, and must evidence;

  Comprehension. A sentence that demonstrates you understand the implications of the question, and can talk to it.

  Statement: A sentence stating your view on the question.

  Rationale: A sentence that explains your rationale for this view.

  Source: A link to an article or reference, supporting your view.

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