Advanced practice nurse clinical leader ship identifying grants to fund practice change initiative

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Change problem postpartum depression 


The purpose of this discussion is to examine APN clinical leadership skills in planning and implementing evidence-based practice change initiatives and obtaining funding to support the initiative. DNP-prepared nurses identify practice problems and strategize evidence-based interventions to improve patient outcomes and the quality and safety of healthcare delivery. One mechanism available to financially support evidence-based practice interventions is grant funding. DNP-prepared nurses need to be competent to lead change through securing grant monies for the implementation of evidence-based interventions. This discussion will focus on available grant mechanisms for evidence-based practice change initiatives and acquiring evidence from the literature to begin writing a successful grant proposal.


Review the lesson and readings from this week and respond to the following:

  1. Briefly describe your practice problem and its impact on patient outcomes.
  2. Identify a potential grant to support your evidence-based practice change initiative and your rationale for selecting this grant.
  3. Present a summary of the grant proposal requirements of the grant funding agency with deadline dates as applicable.

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